High Caffeine Pre Workout

June 04, 2018

Strongest Pre Workout

What is pre workout? Pre workout is a mixture of different ingredients to help boost energy, focus and motivation right before working out. Leading pre workout brands rely on Synthetic Caffeine to accomplish these, but Caffeine alone isn’t sustainable and isn’t cutting it for people. If you drink teas and coffees throughout the day, you are probably one of them. ⚡With Stim Wurx we set out to bring you the strongest pre workout with other ingredients other than stimulants. Our formula will give you that extra edge you have been seeking in the gym.
If you’re looking for more of a smooth burst of energy, and a Natural Caffeine-based pre workout, check out  His and Her Wurx Pre Workout..  If you are looking for a high stim pre workout that gives you massive amounts energy and has you sweating before you even finish your warm up, keep reading…
Stim Wurx isn’t just a high stim formula.  An effective and sustainable pre workout needs more than just stimulants.  It also needs other ingredients that help support endurance, focus, and strength. Ingredients that are dosed based on scientific studies.
strongest pre workout
Mainstream pre workouts don’t add any non-stimulant ingredients, let alone at a studied dose. Only because these ingredients are usually expensive and leading brands feel that they can get away with just selling you a cocktail that has massive doses of synthetic energy.
We need to start moving away from “feeling” your pre workout is getting you all jacked, and start heading towards  “knowing” your pre workout is delivering results.
If you just want to get a short and temporary energy buzz, with a possible crash afterwards, use stimulants, buy them separately and mix them up yourself.  You shouldn’t pay a premium for under-dosed ingredients blended with synthetic stimulants.
Recently, we have been moving more towards clean labels, or labels with more transparency, but you’ll still find plenty of leading brands manufacturing pre workouts that list all the ingredients in a proprietary blend.
This is a problem because: You don’t know if the ingredients are dosed based on studies. You don’t know how much Caffeine (or what kind) of other stimulants you’re getting
At that point, you really aren’t investing in your overall health, and you could be putting something in your body that is dangerous. The fact that leading brands aren’t transparent with the amount of Caffeine in their formulas proves that they really don’t care about the overall health of their customers.
Do you really want to take a pre workout that may contains 150mg of Caffeine but could just as easily contain 500mg of Synthetic Caffeine?  NO!  You are investing in clean food, and going to the gym daily, you should be investing in knowing what supplements you’re putting in your body too.
High-stimulant pre-workouts are typically critically acclaimed by gym goes, but most still have their own opinions regarding their established safety profile. Are they even safe?
You definitely DO NOT want to make the mistake of taking too much of any of these products. There is a recommended use on the label for a reason!  The recommend use is on the bottle because it has been studied, and that’s what has been proven to be safe and effective.
Really easy advise here…be careful.  Don’t try to impress your friends by exceeded the recommended dose.
It’s ALWAYS a good supplement plan if you’re scheduled to take a break from the actual supplements every once in a while. This goes for pretty much all supplements even those that convey general well-being (Multi Vitamin, fish oil, etc.). You won’t lose your gains by cycling off. If you want to make changes to your body composition, you can’t always be “optimizing” your routine, you have to create some stress and adaptations as well. So take a break, and see how your body reacts.
Using stimulants every day will generally lead to stimulant tolerance. Just like we all started with one cup of coffee once in a while. It’s probably now multiple cups daily.  You’ll need to take more and more to get the same effect and eventually you’ll find yourself exceeding the recommended maximum dose, or even depending on it completely…
One way to avoid stimulant tolerance is to stop taking your pre-workout for a few weeks every once in a while.  Or you switch back and forward from Stim Wurx to the Original Formula of  His and Her Wurx Pre Workout. As counter intuitive as it may sound, when you are tired, you should probably be consuming less stimulants throughout the day, this way your body adapts naturally to the stress of being fatigued.
If you’re the type of person who just wants the strongest pre workout possible, Stim Wurx is here for you! Stim Wurx will provide massive levels of energy, focus, drive, and performance enhancement. It’s one thing to just throw a bunch of stimulants together and call it a pre-workout, but the ingredients in Stim Wurx this are actually bringing additional support for your goals the form of studied doses.
If you’re looking for a less stimulant-heavy pre-workout that delivers on performance enhancement, check out our Wurx Pre-Workout.
Results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
best pre workout

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