Is creatine a steroid?

April 20, 2018

Is creatine a steroid?

Creatine is one of the leading supplements in the market that has been most studied, and recently most popular. Athletes of all levels take it, and has been shown to help with enhancing athletic performance, especially weight training. So what does creatine do? Creatine is used to supply fast-twitch muscle fibers with critical energy to avoid early fatigue and increase capacity to perform at high intensities.[1] Creatine also enhances recovery,[2] improves anaerobic capacity, and enhances muscle volume.[3]
Why Creapure® over Generic Creatine?
As you know, here at Wurx we strive to bring you the highest of quality ingredients on the market. But whats the difference betweeen Creapure and Generic Creatine? Quality, purity and safety with Creapure®
Crea Wurx™  made with Creapure is the brand name for pure creatine monohydrate produced by AlzChem AG in Germany. [4] It is the most widely studied form of creatine and is proven to be safe and effective.[4]  
Creapure is vegan and exclusively manufactured by chemical synthesis. Raw materials and intermediates are not derived from animal or herbal products resulting in no traces that may have originated from animal or herbal byproducts.[4] In addition, Creapure® is produced in compliance with Jewish and Muslim food regulations - and is both Kosher and Halal certified.[4]
Is Creatine a Steroid?
Creatine isn’t some new “latest greatest” trend, it’s not illegal, and it most certainly is NOT a steroid.
During high intensity training, creatine is used as an energy source. Creatine exists as creatine phosphate inside muscle tissue, and it’s this phosphate molecule that is so important. This phosphate then turns into ATP.
Adenosine Triphospaate (ATP) is the body’s energy currency. Essentially, ATP uses its phosphate bond to power cellular processes. During exercise, ATP releases its phosphate bond and is then broken down to adenosine diphospate, or ADP. This molecule now has no value as an energy source. As ATP stores start diminishing, performance declines. However, creatine phosphate recreates ATP by donating its extra phosphate to ADP. Recycling ATP in this way allows for more explosive power and endurance, which eventually increases strength and power.
what does creatine do
Creapure is an ideal nutritional supplement for athletes. Through additional creatine intake in the form of Creapure, the stock of creatine and creatine phosphate in the muscles can be increased. This in turn increases performance and supports recovery time in both training and competition.
In the gym, creatine is highly popular as it allows athletes to train more intensively and to build muscle mass and increase strength at a faster rate. However, creatine does not achieve this effect without proper training. This distinguishes it from the actions of illicit substances such as steroids. Since the 1990s, many athletes and scientists have found creatine to be an effective dietary supplement for increasing exercise levels, muscle strength, and fat-free body mass. In the case of strength training, creatine intake has demonstrated an increase in both strength and repetition.[5]
Should women take creatine?
Many women are fearful of using creatine. This fear stems from the myth that women will “bulk up” when they take it – after all, that’s why their male counterparts use it. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Building extreme amounts of muscle mass is a result of heavy weight lifting and above average food consumption. This bulking is also made easy by a significantly higher quantity of testosterone. Since creatine simply gives muscle tissue more energy, “bulking up” is a fear women don’t need to be concerned about.
Creatine is clinically shown to increase strength in women by as much as 25%.[6] This is a benefit that female users can appreciate just as much as males as it will help to increase the metabolism and increase thermogenetic activity to help women burn more fat. 
should women take creatine?
Benefits of taking CreaWurx
Endurance and Physical Performance - Endurance is benefited by creatine. Whether it’s long distance running or a triathlon, increased muscle creatine stores keep you at peak levels longer.[7] You may not think of yourself as a high level athlete. But if you're into powerlifting, CrossFit, or boot camp, you may  be working your body in ways similar to other athletes. By ensuring your supply of creatine phosphate is fully stocked, you ensure you don't sputter out after a few sprints.[8]
Muscle Building - Increasing your endurance will help to increase your overall workout intensity, which means you will gain a greater level of muscle mass.[9] Keep in mind that you still need to put in hard work and effort in every workout session, and feed your body enough  high quality calories for the muscle mass to be built, but supplementing with creatine makes this very possible. If you are a "hard gainer", meaning you don't see much volume increasing in your muscle mass, you will really benefit from using creatine.
Strength/Power -   Many athletes rely on explosive power and maximum strength to peak performance. Standardized amounts (5g/day) of creatine supplementation increase strength output by as much as 25%.[10] Which is exactly what you will find in Crea Wurx™
Energy - All we have been basically talking about is energy. Having energy throughout the day, especially throughout your workout is fundamental here. An increase in total creatine within muscle tissue provides an ergogenic effect. This leads to more energy produced and released during exercise[11]. Recycling energy allows you to get more out of each workout and reach fitness goals faster. 
Creatine will help you recover quicker, promote muscle growth, and replenish energy reserves. Creatine is a source of energy for your cells. More energy = more output, which means more gains. 

To help add strength gains and energy to your workout sessions, CreaWurx is best stacked with AdaptoWurx, Wurx Pre-Workout, and IsoWurx.
Results may vary.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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