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August 12, 2017

carb blocker

White Kidney Bean - Helps reduce enzymatic digestion of starches and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. Also aids in storing less carbohydrate calories, which could lead to weight loss.
Glucomannan - Is natural fiber that can help fill up your stomach and cause you to feel full, reducing consumption of calories. It is used to support weight loss and blood sugar balance.
Berberine HCL-  helps support insulin sensitivity and maintains healthy blood glucose. 
Green tea supports a higher metabolism to help you get shredded and lean. It initiates and helps speed up fat burning, by turning stubborn fat into energy.  Contains poylphenols and antioxidants, all compounds that support efficient weight loss and overall health.
Nomame (Cassia nomame) -  Works as an appetite suppressant, helping suppress the sensation of hunger to aid in losing weight. This ingredient also enhances fat burning and good digestion.
Oolong Tea-  Thanks to its fat burning properties, this been shown to decrease body weight and body fat.
Thistle Marin (Milk Thistle Extract)- is  a great ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties. Its a great detoxifier and enhances liver health.
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