7 Simple Steps To Start Your Detox Naturally

July 14, 2016

7 Simple Steps To Start Your Detox Naturally


How important is a detox? It’s really important actually. It is recommended to do a detox whenever you are looking to kick start your fitness goals. In some cases people use detoxes when they are starting a new supplement stack, or new workout regimen. This is done so you can get rid of all the toxins and any unhealthy substances in your body. The reason why you want to do this, is so you may see the full benefits of your new supplement, diet, and or workout regimen. Some other benefits of a detox include, healthier skin, reduce bloat, and sometimes even weight-loss.
Quick fixes don’t exist, and you do have to keep a clean diet. But don’t go too crazy and make radical changes to your diet. You can even start with one change per day. Here are some easy, all natural, ways to detox your body on a daily basis.
Drink Water | 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Detox Naturally

Start Your Mornings With Water
Begin your day with at least one cup of water. Not only will this help you set the tone for your day, but it also helps kick start your hydration. Throughout the day it is recommended to drink at least 64 ounces of water so your organs can function properly. But in reality you need to take your water intake to another level and step up your game. Choose water every time. Before, during, and after your meals.
Give Coffee a Break | 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Detox Naturally

Give Coffee A Break
I know it can be difficult to start your day without your cup of Joe, but you will have to start giving your coffee some vacation time. Ingredients found in an average cup of coffee can interfere with your metabolism and detox process. Which could potentially mean less energy in the long run. Switch out coffee for a herbal tea instead. Some teas that help with detoxing are dandelion teas, green teas, and lemon teas. If energy is the reason why you drink coffee, try a caffeine supplement. It is much cleaner energy than your cup of Joe without all the additional ingredients.

Get Your Fiber In | 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Detox Naturally

Get Your Fiber
Fiber is great to flush out any build up in the intestines. Our body tends to keep toxins, and preservatives from food we eat. Sometimes it's just excess waste being stored because our body can’t process it properly. Use all natural sources of fiber like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to clean out your digestive system.

Lower Your Sugar Intake | 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Detox Naturally

Lower Your Sugar Intake Throughout The Day
Start laying off sugars as well. By ingesting more sugar you are overworking your pancreas which interferes with your detox process. This includes artificial sweeteners, candy, and soda. Opt for healthier choices like stevia, honey, protein bars, and WATER! Sugar doesn’t only slow down your detox process, but in the long run can also cause severe health issues.

Go Dairy Free | 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Detox Naturally

Go Dairy Free
Dairy usually slows down your liver process and potentially obstructs your detox. Definitely take a break from anything dairy for a week and you will see yourself feeling less sluggish. You can also notice less bloat in your lower abdomen area.
Skip the Alcohol | 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Detox Naturally

Skip Alcoholic Beverages
This one is a no brainer people. Your liver is key to the detox process. You will only be fooling yourself and jeopardizing your hard work by saying yes to alcoholic beverages. I know your goals are way more important to you, so just skip it, and drink your water!
Get Active | 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Detox Naturally

Be Active
It is important to hit up the gym and get a solid 20-30 minute workout daily. The breakdown of fat tissue is key to getting rid of unhealthy substances and toxins in our body. Sweating plays a vital role in this process as you are naturally releasing toxins, getting rid of waste by perspiration. Your are also boosting your circulation, digestion, and essentially obtaining overall health by keeping your organs functioning properly. So keep your heart rate up, break a good sweat, and bring it.

It’s a lot to do, but totally worth it. Don’t worry about getting all of these down in one go. Take your time. Do what works for you. Again, at the end of the day you do know what is good for you, and your overall health is important to meet your fitness and life goals. Follow through with the detox so you can see optimal results within your nutrition, supplementation, and workout regimen.

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