10 Ways to Start Sleeping Better

September 12, 2017

tips for a better sleep

Sleeping is such an important part of your goals. If you are trying to gain muscle mass, or have weight loss goals, sleeping plays a very important role. Getting a good night sleep helps improve your energy, cardiovascular health, immune system, regulates your metabolism, recovers muscles, amongst many other things as well.

For most of us it can be very difficult to “knockout” as soon as we hit the bed. It can be
a variety of things keeping us up like stress, our eating habits, or even just
the loud uneasy noise of our own thoughts. Here are a few tips to get you
started in the right direction, and get you sleeping better in no time.


how to sleep better

Set a sleep schedule

Many of us, especially night owls, have a very difficult time setting a time to go to bed.

Whether it is daily activities, work, meeting deadlines, or plainly wasting time at night, some us just cannot set a routine or a designated time to go to sleep. It’s important to set a time, and start training your mind and body to sleep at that specific time. Eventually, as you stay consistent, your body will know it’s time to go to sleep.

tips for better sleep


Staying active during the day is beneficial as well. Naturally, if you are working out or
being more active, your body will need more rest and it will be much easier to fall asleep. Keep in mind though, don’t be too active right before bed, otherwise it will be difficult to wind down.


tips to sleep well

Cut Caffeine

If you supplement with caffeine make sure you don’t take it too close before bedtime. Typically,
you want to stay away from any stimulant within 4-6 hours, depending on your tolerance. If you feel like you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid taking it after 2PM.

help with sleep

Stay Cool

Having night sweats is the worst. You are guaranteed to wake up from them almost every
time. That’s why it’s important to keep your bedroom temperature in a pleasant
cool 65 to 73°F. Just make sure you are relaxed throughout the night.

ways to get good sleep

Put Your Gadgets Away

If you have a television in your room, get it out of there. By having electronics on while in
your bedroom, you confuse your mind into thinking that it is simply another
area to get things done. Keep your bedroom sacred, and keep your electronic
devices elsewhere. Exposure to these can potentially lead to a delay in
melatonin production.

effective sleep aidsNatural Sleep Aid Supplements

For some of us it is a little bit more difficult to fall asleep. Usually when people suffer
from insomnia they are recommended or prescribed medicine. Many people do fall
asleep once on the medication, but it could be restless at times. Some have
even reported negative side effects.

A safer and more natural route around this is to start taking sleep aid supplements. These
are designed to help support REM sleep, and won’t leave you dazed in the
morning. These are some supplements to consider:

- Melatonin


- Valerian Root

You can also shop for NightWurx, which includes these effective ingredients.

ways to help sleep at night

Do Not Sneak in Naps

Catching up on your sleep during the day may not be such a great idea. If you start
sleeping throughout the day, your requirement or rest at night will decrease. Instead of napping, try meditating to relax your mind, or foam rolling to help your muscles better recover.

help for sleeping problems 

Take Time to Relax

Before actually getting in bed it’s important to relax and wind down. Make some time to
changeover from active mode to bedtime mode. This would be the time to read a
book and get your mind off things, a time to meditate and relax. It may even be
a great time to set your goals for the following day. Remember it’s important
to do these things outside of your bed. Find time to turn off all the noise
from the world and your personal experiences.

need help sleeping

Change your Diet

In general, you always want to keep your diet in check, especially if you want to start
sleeping better. Towards the end of your day you want to cut out foods that
contain coffee, tea, sugars and carbohydrates. Some examples may be soft
drinks, juices, chocolates, and simple carbs. Steer clear of anything spicy as well to avoid late night heartburn.

ways to get good sleep

Only Stay in Bed for Sleep

Your bed is only for sleeping. Don’t start working on last minute things while you’re in
bed. This isn’t time to start doing homework either. Try not to lay in bed
awake for long periods of time. Use your bed only once you are ready to go to
sleep. In the morning, when your alarm goes off, wake up and get up!

In the end, you will feel like a completely different person. Getting quality sleep is
important to meet your health and fitness goals, and to be a better person
overall. You will be able to think better, act with a clear mission or mindset,
and even have a better time with your family, friends, or co-workers. Keep your
bedroom sacred, and get into these healthy habits that will improve the quality
of your sleep.

sleep enhancer

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